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Advanced De-Icing Formula Used in Tanner
Compact De-Icers and Tri-Fluid Injectors.

NO-TOX2 comes in liquid form, and is introduced into air lines by atomization. NO-TOX2 bonds to moisture in the air line preventing freeze-up and therefore, preventing costly downtime. NO-TOX2 is available in 54-, 5- and 1 gallon containers.

NO-TOX2 is recommended for use in confined areas or underground atmospheres such as mines and tunnels. It meets advanced safety standards now required for an increasing number of unusual applications.

NO-TOX2 is effective in both below-ground and open-air applications. NO-TOX2 includes a corrosion preventer, a rust inhibitor, a special lubricant that helps prevent O-rings and other rubber or synthetic parts from drying, and a unique bonding agent that adheres to moisture in the air line.



Non-Flammable No-Tox 2 De-Icant

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